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There is an old business adage that says “you are known by the company you keep”. If that is the case then we must be well-know indeed.

Over the past few years we have been very fortunate to have worked with some of the top brands in the marketing business. Below are a few of our favorite projects.

Tiffany Custom Flash Drive

In 2014 we created for Tiffany Jewelers a solid sterling silver flash drive. Despite it’s simplicity of design this was one of the toughest manufacturing challenges as the finished product had to be flawless.!

Tiffany custom silver flash drive

Tiffany custom silver flash drive

Heineken 2018 Beer Box Ridealong

In 2018 Heineken (NL) contacted us about a beer box ridealong for their summer 2018 campaign. They had 2 key points being that A) it was eco freindly and B) it was on brand.  We came up with the reusable and compostable drinking straw and plant-based carrying pounch.

 Heineken reusable drinking straw and pounch

Heineken reusable drinking straw and pounch

Ellen Degeneres Custom Socks

When the Ellen Show contacted us about socks we actually thought it was a hoax. It is not uncommon for us to get the odd email from someone claiming to be someone they are not (competitiors?) So, when the Ellen Show called we laughed and said “send us an email from the show’s URL” They did and we helped create these socks. Lots of fun!

Ellen Degeneres custom socks

Ellen Degeneres custom socks

Yelp! Infinity Cube

YELP! was looking for something cool for their shareholders meeting. We have been doing a number of “fidgety things” over the past 24 months and pitched them the Infinity Cube. They loved it!

Yelp Infinity Cube promotional product

Yelp Infinity Cube promotional product

Spiderman Spiderverse Movie.

Sony was looking for a way to give the films staff and select movie premiere guests something memorable yet cost-effective for the launch of the movie Spiderverse. We came up with a custom shaped Spiderman flashdrive with the movies trailer preloaded on it.

 Spiderman movie flash drive

Spiderman movie flash drive

Starbucks Sales Conference.

The late 2018 Starbucks sales conference in Seattle was in need of something unique. They opeted for the reusable folding drinking straw. How cool is that!

 starbucks sales swag

starbucks sales swag

LA Lakers Get a Phone Grip.

If you were at the LA Lakers home fan  appreciation game last year you got one of these. Go Lakers Go!

Phone stand and phone grip

Phone stand and phone grip

Burger King Phone Holder

In 2018 Burger King was looking for a cool yet inexpensive idea for their tradeshow give away at the National Restaurant Show.

 burger king food tradeshow giveaway

burger king food tradeshow giveaway

Many more marquis clients!

If you would like us to create something iconic for your next trade show giveaway or marketing initiative contact [email protected] or call 1-888-908-6932.


Trade Show 8 Overview

Summer 2019

SWAG (aka promotional products) is not really something most businesses think about with a truly critical eye, but
they should!

If your business does trade shows, custom appreciation giveaways or likes to get your logo out in front of new and
existing customers you are probably familiar with SWAG.

However, you may not know that you can be more effective and buy more affordably. Here’s why.

Be More Effective.

We (Tradeshow8) specialize in getting the best results with your SWAG.

We do this by watching product and social media trends.

We then source these trend-setting products to be available for your business logo, getting them made at our factories in China.

We then offer this limited collection to key clients guaranteeing them that these products will “bump your brand” like nothing you have tried before.

Check out our most recent post on marketing differently  (way over 1000 views and counting). https://tradeshow8.com/2018/02/27/promotional-product-secrets/

Do It For Less.

Let’s face it, everyone says they can save you money. It’s such a common pitch that it’s become a yawn.

“We save you money by cutting out the middleman and keeping a very low overhead”

We don’t just claim we can save you money, we actually show you how to do it. We will even put you in touch with other competitors of ours if we cannot be of help. Who else does that?

Check out our post on “Saving on Swag!” https://tradeshow8.com/2019/04/11/how-to-pay-less-money-for-promotional-products/

Don’t Believe Me, Ask Our Other Clients.

In the past few years we have done work for these marquis clients plus 100’s of others: References provided, just

Clients Include: Tiffany Jewelers, Xfinity Mobile, LA Lakers, Skol Brewery, Porsche, Cellucor, BMW, Telus, Koodo,
BBDO and many others companies both big and small.

Let’s Connect

Our factories are in China but the company is American and all live customer support and sales are here. Call us 7
days a week, 1-888-908-6932 or email [email protected]



Really simple. We will send you free samples of any of our great promotional products shipped ground from our US based sample warehouse. All we ask is that you pay the ground courier acct.

To order FREE samples contact Sloan at [email protected] and send us your ship to address. Be sure to include your Fedex or UPS Ground courier acct.

Ground Shipping takes between 3-4 days and costs on average $10. Samples come with random logos on them.

But wait, before you complain and say…”that’s not really free!”! Get this….We will double your money back on sample freight as a $20 credit towards your first order!

Bulk wholesale factory direct promotional products. Get your logo on it for less.

Bulk wholesale factory direct promotional products. Get your logo on it for less.