cheap promotional products

Why are you here?

This age old question about lifes mystery’s  is not going to be answered here but if you are a professional business marketer you are here for some really good reasons.

I do not want to waste your time (or mine for that matter) so ask yourself these 3 short questions and if the answer is yes, then you and I need to talk further.

Question 1

Does your company use promotional products (aka Swag) to promote your business through B2b marketing, trade shows or customer appreciation? YES or NO?

Question 2

Do you want the best service, best ideas and best prices for your marketing products? YES or NO?

Question 3

Do you want to see what more can be done with and what other ideas are available to boost your brand?  YES or NO?

Tally up your Yes’s!

Simple.The obvious answer to all 3 is YES. (If you said no or maybe to any of these then please, move along, there’s nothing for you to see here)

The Elevator Pitch

Who Are We?

We own 3 factories in China and have relationships with over 20 other ones. If we cannot make it or find it, logo it and then deliver it to your door we will buy you a bottle of your favorite wine*.

We are a US company, we work here and answer our phones and email promptly. [email protected]  – Toll Free 1-888-908-6932

We have worked with lots of marquis clients including Tiffany Jewelers, FaceBook and Marvel Comics along with 1000’s of other companies both big and small.

Our Advantage For You?

This is really simple to answer. We have a small, dedicated and focused staff who are experts at spotting marketing trends for swag.

We have an amazing ability to design, find, make, create and deliver to your door, promotional product ideas that are both unique and priced amazingly well.

We love customer service (yes, that’s weird, we know!).

What You Should Do Next?

Call or email [email protected]  – Toll Free 1-888-908-6932 or poke around on our site, lots of good ideas here.

*I hear Mateus is a fine vintage.