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Top 10 Promotional Products 2019.

Top 10 Promotional Products 2019 In 2019 there is a seismic shift in the promotional product world away from tech and leaning more towards “old school ideas” and “new school weirdness”. As a purveyor of all things odd and interesting we can see the stats on search and hits on our sites that show “what […]

New Promotional Products 2019

New Promotional Products 2019 The world of self-promotion in the business marketing field depends on doing 2 things really well. They are… Catching Your Targets Attention. In the world of TV advertising they refer to this as “eyeballs”. How many “eyeballs” are on the advertisement or product. If you are like me, I love TV […]

How To Import Promotional Products

Tips on Importing Promotional Products Looking to import your promotional products direct from China? Here are the best inside tips on how to import your businesses promotional products direct from China and save money. China, the middle kingdom is where virtually all of the world’s promotional products are made. We have been importing promotional swag direct from […]

Destination Management

Trade Show 8. The Destination Management Solutions Provider. Trade Show 8 specializes in working directly with DMC’s from around the globe in providing them factory direct solutions for their promotional products and special needs. We deliver direct from the factory, logo’d products and special needs to DM events in over 100 countries. In the 20 […]

Factory Direct Promotional Products

If you are NOT importing your promotional products direct from the source factory you are spending too much! In 2019 if you are not importing direct from the factory at least some of your promotional products, you are spending way too much money for the same thing. Why would you do this? Importing from China […]

Swag or Promotional Product

Swag or Promotional Product? Which word is correct in 2019 to best describe the stuff we get at trade shows? Is it Swag or a Promotional Product? The answer you choose may be more telling than you think. What’s in a Word? Let’s consider the world of the car. The car industry is barely 100 […]

Custom Pop Up Sockets Cheap

Get Your Logo on Custom Pop Up Sockets for Less. Perfect for Trade Show Giveaways, B2b and Promotional Product Marketing. Getting your logo in front of new and existing business clients is critical to your ongoing success. The most effective way to get your business logo impression in front of the most eyeballs, the most […]

Money Saving Tips on Promotional Products

How to Save Money When Buying Promotional Products. In 2019 saving money on your trade show or b2b promotional swag is easier than ever. The world of promotional products (aka swag) is both changing and stuck in the 1980’s. If you are small to medium sized business owner looking to save money on your marketing […]