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How to effectively market using promotional products.

For businesses of all shapes and sizes marketing their brand, service or event using promotional products is a key driver to their success.

As a long time supplier of direct import promotional products we have come to work some of the best known names in a wide variety of categories.

The obvious big hitters!

It is said ” you are known by the company you keep”. If this is true then we have a great group of friends and repeat clients. Be it Pepsi, Starbucks, Gold’s Gym, LA Lakers or dozens of other name brands, we have a proven track record with very demanding clients.

promotional popsockets
Popsockets for b2b logo, marketing and tradeshow logo. Get your business logo on a popsocket

The not so big names!

We deal with 100’s of customers each month that we have never ever heard of. That said, when you drill down in their local scene you realize that these clients are the movers and shakers in their own world and markets.

popsocket for trade show, promotional product marketing and conference and events.

Big or small, everyone needs to know how to market using promotional products.

Giving out promotional products is a great way to keep your name in front of past and potential customers. Use this advice to choose the best way to use promotional items for marketing your business.

Here are some tips regarding choosing and using promotional products with your business.

What to Give Away

Almost anything you can think of can be turned into a promotional item.

Some of the more common and most successful promotional items include:

Avoid Short Shelf Life

Try to select items that will be around for a long time. In other words, instead of an imprinted pad of sticky notes or food, go for a pop socket phone holder that can be used repeatedly.

Trade Shows, Look at us we’re here!

At trade shows and community events, everyone wants to be noticed. It’s how you engage with potential customers. Nothing beats FREE stuff when it comes to getting attention. If what you are handing out is unique or novel, word-of-mouth spreads and you will be swamped.

Don’t spend too much, don’t spend too little!

When working a trade show or driving business with giveaways it is important to understand the following. Don’t spend too much or too little.

Too much. If your goal is to get in front of 250 decent new prospects you probably need to give away 500 of something to get 250 prospects of value.

If you give each of them something that costs you $20 each then you either have to have a product or service that is expensive. For example we did a solid silver custom flash drive for Tiffanys which was about $20. That said, Tiffany probably makes $500 profit on each of those newly onboarded clients.

pop phone socket grip promotional product direct 201 467
pop phone socket grip promotional product direct 201 467

However if you have a local service business or a product with a smaller profit margin best not to spend $20.

Too little. I personally HATE the idea of any business giving away a pen in 2020. No ones uses them, no one wants them, they leak and worst of all they make you look like a dinosaur. You should look at these guys, they specialize in trending swag.

You should consider a budget of between $1- $2 each. If you look around and work the magic you can get some great giveaways for this price.

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pop phone socket grip promotional product direct
pop phone socket grip promotional product direct