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Promoting your brand by putting your logo on a promotional product is savvy business marketing. Again.

I like to think that the old adage “everything old is new again” is always lurking in the back of our minds, somewhere.

No doubt during the late 90’s and early 2000’s putting your logo or “brand” upon a promotional product was a craze that seemed to be everywhere. There seemed to be no end to the swag that surrounded us.

cheap pop phone socket grips for promotional products
cheap pop phone socket grips for promotional products

In the ensuing years since 2009 there has been a reticence on behalf of some marketers to stray away from putting their logo on a product and then giving it away.

It was seen as slightly “unseemly” by some to actually promote your brand on a giveaway product. Instead many embraced social media as their only source for brand recognition. Unfortunately social media has become such a crowded field that the cost per impression gained on social media platforms has far exceeded the original “low cost thought” to be the way of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

inexpensive pop socket
inexpensive pop socket

They’re back! Promotional Products!

Just like vinyl records, promotional products are back in a big way. In fact ASI (the people who track these things) put out a press release saying the business of promotional products is now at an all-time high. Read more.

Putting your logo on something people want is the key!

The difference in 2020 when it comes to putting your logo on a product is the most effective way is to put your logo on something people want, not just put it on everything.

Let’s face it, no one wants a leaky crappy pen. Except for your dentist or bank (2 places, no one ever really wants to go) who still give out leaky crappy pens with their logo putting your logo on an effective promotional product means you need to catch the trends.

What is the top trend in promotional products in 2020.

Without a doubt the leading contender for top spot in the promotional product world these days are Popsockets and their contemporaries.

If you would like to see your logo on a Pop phone grip email Sloan.

promotional pop phone media stand and grip
promotional pop phone media stand and grip
folded position phone socket stand and media grip