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You Should Market Your Brand This Way.

Embrace your inner geek. It will bump up your brand identity.

Getting geeky may be the solution to amp up your B2b marketing. It worked BIG TIME for Portland.

Promotional Products are a great way to better your brand image but often promo swag gets a bad rap. In fact, some of today’s less informed business to business marketers are of the opinion that the use of promo swag for marketing is an idea that is past its prime. I happen to strongly disagree.

In my expert opinion, it is not the idea or the effectiveness of using promotional swag to build your brand but there are 2 distinct problems with the current way promo is sold that affect their impact and usefulness in promoting your brand.

Point 1.

The first is the average mind-set and challenges of the local promotional products person (oh boy…here comes the hate mail). They are just not focused on what is trending and on point.

The average promo distributor has access to over 20,000 promo ideas, most of which have been around for decades and are a little tired and done to death. As well, the average age of the local ad specialty distributor is closing in on 58. This is a stat according to the Ad Specialty Institute (ASI).

This age is fine, I will be this age one day and some of our best friends are that age. The trouble comes with a willingness on the part of most 58 year olds and older to find ,embrace, understand and sell new trending ideas.

popsocket trade show promotional products and b2b swag

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“Most new trends come to life from some part of our world’s youth culture!”

It is very common for the local ad specialty distributors to only sell and promote ideas that they are familiar with. In fact, common terms used by promo veterans include , “he’s a pen and mug guy” or “I specialize in wearables”. These translate into, “I am only comfortable selling a pen or a mug because I understand that idea!” or  “I like to sell clothes with your logo on it..things like t-shirts and golf polo’s”.

My observation. New ideas and trends are almost universally found and promoted by a culture of youth. It has always been this way and I think it will likely always be this way.

fidget cubes for your promotional marketing logo

fidget cubes for your promotional marketing logo

Point 2.

The second problem with the current promotional product sales paradigm is the idea of being on point and on trend with emerging ideas and products. “It takes a lot of energy and intelligence to spot a trend before it becomes outdated”.

At Tradeshow 8 we have a small team of trend enthusiasts who spend hours each day combing through Kickstarter, Etsy, YouTube and dozens of other sites and blogs looking to spot the next trend. They are, to say the least, a unique group of peeps.

“It takes a lot of energy and intelligence to spot a trend before it becomes outdated”.

folding stojo coffee cup for your business logo

folding stojo coffee cup for your business logo

What’s a Savvy B2b Marketer to Do?

Good question! In my opinion you have 2 choices. You could find the idea or product you want your logo on and then send that idea to your local promo distributor and ask them to find it and sell it to you. Or, you can make life simple and give us a call or email us an inquiry. Call- 1- 888-908-6932 or email [email protected]

Sam Allen

keep portland weirder

keep portland weirder

laptop pocket for accessories fillit. Get your logo on a laptop pocket

laptop pocket for accessories

folding coffee cup with your logo on it.

folding coffee cup with your logo on it.