Bumbershoot Music Festival Makes Sure Attendees Are Fully Charged

Seattle music festival considers giving out custom Bumbershoot power bank for every ticket sold!

Bumbershoot will help keep patrons fully charged for the labor day long weekend music festival by handing out a custom powerbank with every ticket. One of the worst problems with going to a music festival is running out of battery on your phone. All of a sudden you’ve lost your friends and have no phone to callanyone. Bumbershoot recognized this problem and wanted to do something about itfor their 48th annual festival.

The 2019 line up has not yet been released, but we are expecting to see some big names at this year’s event. Even better,attendees will leave the festival and will use their custom power banks when they’re back home, reminding everyone that this is the festival to be at if you live on the West Coast.

The custom power banks can hold a charge for hours on end and is a compact and convenient way to charge your phone in a pinch. The logo comes out clean every time and your customer service representatives are millennials who know what kind of promo gear this age group is looking for!

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