Wholesale bulk logo folding reusable drinking straw. Final straw folding drinking straw for promotional marketing.

Folding reusable straw perfect for trade show giveaways

This folding collapsible reusable straw is the PERFECT swag for trade show giveaways.

Final Straw, Kickstarter darling and its progenitors are now available on the promotional giveaways market.

Trade Show 8 is one of the first making the Last Straw available as a promotional product at a fraction of the retail price.

Are you a marketer looking for something definitely on the leading edge of ideas? Nothing is more en pointe than the reusable folding straw. This eco-friendly marketing idea was first conceived by Final Straw and is now available in a similar style called the Last Straw.

Get your logo on a folding reusable drinking straw.

Get your logo on a folding reusable drinking straw.


The Last Straw is a fully logo ready, collapsible, folding drinking straw constructed from bacteria resistant stainless steel and silicone. It also comes with its own cleaning squeegee!


The Turtle video that launched the folding reusable straw:

Occasionally a social moment or image/video profoundly changes our thinking. In the case of the folding drinking straw, it was the viral video showing a sea turtle in distress while a foot long plastic drink straw was forcibly pulled out from his nose where it was deeply embedded… OUCH! The video has received nearly 29 MILLION VIEWS!


Worldwide, plastic straws have been banned in over 400 jurisdictions and counting!

The above video has worked in motivating over 400 counties, cities, countries, states and provinces to ban the use of any disposable plastic drinking straws.

This ban combined with the movement towards greener marketing solutions has skyrocketed the Last Straw as the premium choice for reusable drinking straws. The Last Straw for promotion is available in quantities as low as 250 units and delivered in 10 days.

Get your logo on a folding reusable drinking straw.

Get your logo on a folding reusable drinking straw.


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