Customized Socks for Promotion? We’re Telling You – It Works!

Capitalize on a fashion essential to maximize your marketing impact. Socks are a necessity and with an eye-catching design, your brand will be leaving footprints (literally!) everywhere your clients go.

Customized Socks for Promotion? We're Telling You - It Works!


In a marketing world saturated with logo’d hats and t-shirts, try something different! The best part? Socks are an item always in demand and you can be sure they’ll never go out of style.

Screen printing dries stiff and doesn’t stretch so silk screening won’t work on a flexible and stretchable sock. The sublimated printing process produces BRIGHT colors and soft feel to ensure comfort.

We offer customized socks in a variety of shapes and sizes. View our sock style chart to decide what style is best for you.

Get your logo on it today! Email [email protected] or call toll-free 1-888-908-6932 to order!

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