Universities Promote to Student Body with Pop Sockets

Pop sockets are such a versatile promo gadget, everyone is using them! Pop sockets pop on the back of any smartphone, showing that insignia off to the world.

Institutes Promote Education to Student Body with Pop Sockets

Pop sockets are made up of three parts: a decorative disc, flexible stem, and a circular base that sticks on your phone. No one is quite sure why these gadgets have become so popular, but we are sure that they are the hottest promo tool out there right now!

Universities across the nation are promoting with the phone stand that every student must have on their smartphone. University promotion is a tough one, but we’re making it easy!

Give away a custom logo’d pop socket that your students will be proud to display on campus and off. Click here to view our selection of customized phone stands.

Get your logo on it today! Call Trade Show 8 toll-free at 1-800-908-6932 or email [email protected].

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