Pop Sockets are the Hottest Trade Show Giveaway for 2018

Pop sockets are set to be the next biggest trend, so it’s time for you to find out what they are.

What are pop sockets?

Pop sockets are small plastic contraptions that pop onto the back of your phone or other handheld device.

They are made of three parts: a decorative disc, a flexible, accordion-like stem, and a circular base that sticks on your phone.

It’s still unclear what the “socket” part of the name means exactly. A more accurate one would be GripSuckers, although admittedly it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

pop sockets hottest giveaway 2018

Why do you and your customers need one? What do they do?

A pop socket gives you more to hold on to while you use your phone, reducing the risk of everyone’s biggest fear – the dreaded screen smash.

You can also use them to prop your phone up while watching a video, or stick on two and wrap your headphones around them (well played, pop socket sales department).

Pop sockets come in an endless variety of shapes and colors that you can match with your nails or clothes.

Check out our take on the trending pop socket here. Competitive, all-inclusive pricing guaranteed.

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