What’s Popping with the Pop Socket Phone Stand?

Created to prevent the dreaded screen smash for smart phones, the trendy pop socket could be the next fidget spinner, writes Marchelle Abrahams.

But did you know there’s more to the pop socket than meets the eye? There are more than ten ways you and your customers can put this promo gadget to use everyday. Scroll to find out all the cool ways the pop socket phone stand can work for you!

whats popping with the pop socket

1. Use it as a media stand

Pop sockets make the best phone stands. You can ‘pop’ them out to create a quick stand to watch videos, take group photos, and face time with friends.

2. Easy grip while running

Using a pop socket makes holding your phone easier whilst doing vigorous activities, such as running, cycling, and jumping.

3. Video calls

Mount your phone on your laptop while making a video call. This allows hands-free chatting so you can continue to work on your laptop while you talk.

4. Using a phone on/ near wet surfaces

Pop sockets are made out of polycarbonate, TPU, and polyurethane, so now you can keep your phone on wet surfaces, like the kitchen and bathroom counters, without getting your phone wet.

5. Use it as a media grip

Pop sockets make taking one-handed selfies, talking on the phone, and texting much easier.

6. Earphone management system

You can wrap your ear buds around a couple pop sockets to keep them in one place and tangle-free.

7. Grips for larger devices

Pop sockets can also be attached to larger devices, making holding your tablet and e-readers easy, comfortable and secure.

8. Pass the phone

A pop socket makes it so you can easily slide your phone across a surface to someone without having to get up.

9. Gaming

Turn your phone or tablet into a joystick by securing two PopSockets to the back of it.

10. Just play with it

Pop sockets are addictive! You won’t be able to stop popping and un-popping them. They are great stress busters and fun to fiddle with. Kids love them too!

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