Market to the “It Crowd” with Pop Socket Phone Stands

Pop sockets are well on their way to becoming the next fidget spinner.

These little smartphone accessories were first spotted on social networking sites. Celebs like Gigi Hadid and Serena Williams were showing off on Instagram with these funny looking contraptions attached to their phones while taking selfies, and, obviously, their followers started taking note.

market to it crowd with pop sockets

Pop sockets are available in a range of funky designs. And, if celebs are touting it, then it must be the next best thing, right? Oh, and from a marketing point of view, its catchy name is bang on.

Pop sockets have not only solved the issue of keeping a grip on your portable devices, but you can also hold the phone still while you take photos or videos. When you are streaming that baseball or football game, you can prop up your phone to watch the event.

They come in an endless variety of shapes and colors that you can mix and match to coordinate with outfits and friends.

Check out our take on the trending pop socket here. Competitive, all-inclusive pricing guaranteed.

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